Zuma's Revenge

In this game you are shooting marbles onto the playing area trying to make combinations

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Zuma's Revenge 2017
Zuma's Revenge 2014

More than 17 million people raved about the first Zuma game, but the question is whether Zuma's Revenge, the sequel, will be as successful as the first title. PopCap makes the game, and it seems worth it because the core gameplay remains almost the same, but we see flashier and more colorful graphics in the latest title. In fact, if someone could raise a complaint, it's how this game resembles the original game too much. Nevertheless, most gamers will find welcome in the game.

What Newcomers Should Know

As a newcomer to Zuma, you should understand how this puzzle game works. This match-three game comes with a bit of a twist. You play as a spinning frog who must shoot colored balls out of his mouth to stop the coming onslaught of a long lineup of marbles. Once the marbles reach the pit of despair, they drop in with a long lineup, and you end up losing the game. The frog, the hero of the game, must shoot the balls at this snake to match three or more colored balls to clear the level. As the levels progress, the snake moves faster and the game becomes harder. If you make a match, it leaves a gap within the chain for a brief period of time. This gives you the opportunity to do a combo.

Nothing New Here....

As opposed to calling it Zuma's Revenge, the developers may just as well have called it, "Zuma Returns." The game, unfortunately, fails to innovate anything new, and it plays exactly like the first game. However, if you liked the first game, it will give you plenty of new levels to complete. Also, the game did add a couple new features, but it doesn't change the game in any meaningful way. The most interesting new addition to the game is the boss battles. At the end of every area on the island, you will face off against a boss. This challenge breaks up the game into something slightly more manageable, and it puts the frog closer to the bottom of the screen. The frog must shoot fireballs at the devil near the top of the screen. As usual, the long lineup of balls get in your path and you have to learn how to work around them.

Zuma's Revenge also added new power-ups. For example, you have a laser power-up where you will obliterate all the balls you aim for. With another power-up, the balls load in the frog's mouth as three cannon balls. It's an interesting new choice, and it gives the game something new for gamers to grasp. The new and challenging levels might also require that you achieve a specific score before the timer runs out.


  • Colorful and interesting new graphics and Aztec art.
  • New and interesting power-ups.
  • More fun levels to complete than ever before.


  • The game fails to bring anything new to the table.

Zuma's Revenge is a puzzle game where players must match colored balls together by shooting them to prevent a snaking chain of orbs from getting into their base. Levels start off easy, but the pace soon quickens to put the player's reflexes to the test as they must navigate harder and harder levels involving faster chains. Power-ups and combos await for skilled players in their quest to defeat Zuma.

Beginning a game of Zuma's Revenge is easy, given that the game plays with only a point and shoot interface using the mouse. This allows the user to focus on precision without being distracted by extra controls that need attention. For a simple puzzle game, the graphics are helpful in distinguishing where shots will go. Distinct icons represent the power-ups while the chain of invading orbs' path is followed. Even the opening menu looks fantastic, allowing for easy tinkering of game settings and options. While Zuma's Revenge is repetitive like many puzzle games, progression in the game ups the difficulty just right to produce an engaging experience that will test many gamers' skills.


  • Interesting gameplay. Zuma's Revenge encourages a sharp eye and quick fingers, but players must balance this with precision to succeed.
  • Clean graphics. Game elements stand out well, and there is little confusion as to what something is or where an object is going.
  • Excellent difficulty progression. As the game goes on, there are no sudden jumps in how hard a level is. Levels are fair.


  • Singular gameplay. While the game is exciting, it does not offer anything new in terms of features as the player progresses.
  • Shooting angles are especially particular. It may take a bit of time for the player to get used to the way Zuma's Revenge registers shots.

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